How Most Affiliate Products Are Rigged

Affiliate products should be one of the simplest Internet marketing abilities out there.

Unfortunately the system is rigged. Not in your favor, no that would be easy. Instead affiliate products are rigged so that the poor “little guy” gets the fruit dropped onto the ground- not the low hanging fruit. Actually yes, you get some of that as well, but it has already been munched by deer.

Affiliate product marketing is supposed to allow the “little guy” to be able to sell money on their own terms using no inventory, no nothing. How cool is that? chefman electri

But like with all cool ideas it becomes open to abuse and to larger companies.

Then like some companies they do not want to tread on each others toes. So they get together and share information between each other.

So when one company releases something, their friends get first dibs. Once most of the excitement has disappeared, then you get a chance to have a go.

In the early days Amazon needed to find a way to boost their sales and to become a player online. And the best way to do that was to have a sales force which was huge. So they borrowed from the offline world the idea of percentage revenue sharing. Now Amazon was not the first affiliate website, but they are the most well known.

But fast forward to today and we have a different type of Amazon. We have an Amazon that people go to first to buy books/ music etc. Some companies have built up a small business using Amazon, but in reality why shop for books anywhere else?

Then we have iTunes. They wanted to become big, so affiliate they go. Now? If I had an iPod the awesome affiliate product it is, I would go through that to buy my tunes, and most people do.

Flip to any website and you will find that the smaller websites need you to help them, but when they have got bigger, they can cope by themselves thank you very much.

They ask you to promote their affiliate products and doing so takes the email addresses from your precious lists. Now they can bypass you.

So when a launch appears does the affiliate product owner choose you to say “hi, welcome to my launch?” No, they choose people who they are already friendly with. They blast their lists into oblivion, ask you to “like them” etc. Then the affiliate product owner releases the news a week later to the people who will mop up the stray undecided.

Now how are you going to do that?

Ah, with bonuses, YouTube, AdWords, articles, reviews etc.

The problem?

So is everybody else, which incidentally increases AdWords cost and increases the time it takes to promote that product even more.

Now your promotional methods actually works in reverse. It promotes the initial product higher up the rankings because it is getting searched and publicized a lot. So search favors the initial product instead of affiliates- especially in the long term.

And who are you trying to capture? The product’s audience right? But the majority of that audience has already been found- usually by the initial wave of sales.